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Lenten Devotional 2023

What makes this time of the year so special? Some might say it is the reawakening of nature. The slumber is over. Plants and animals are emerging from their winter cocoon. The sun’s rays are rising to a higher azimuth warming the earth. Yet, those are mere symptoms of a greater truth. Christ is Risen. At the core of the Lenten and Easter season is the truth that Jesus chose to die knowing a painful death on a cross so that all mankind might live with Him forever. The Bible is the message, the stories provide the lessons, and the music flows from the heart reinforcing the truths we learn. It is through this lens that our Lenten Thoughts come to you. Beginning with Palm Sunday and ending with Easter Monday, the devotionals will present the final days of Christ’s walk on earth as God incarnate. Join us as we share truths from the Bible, music from the heart, and lessons that Jesus thought were so important to teach us, His followers, in those final days.

March / April 2023

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