Advent Devotional

Each year, HOPE creates an Advent Devotional for our families to share with those who visit our website or Facebook page. In the past, the Devotional has focused simply on one aspect of preparation for the Christ Child’s birth. Because it is through Christ who brought us hope, faith, love, peace, and joy, we focused our hearts on those aspects to contemplate and to prepare for His birth. Another year, we spent the season contemplating the prophecies which foretold His birth through the ages. Still another year, we simply focused on the awesome Christmas story. This year, we will follow the trail of the Advent wreath itself.

Our preparation will follow the candles to the manger. Each week through Scripture, we will focus on just one aspect of preparation. As we light the first candle, we will begin with the HOPE candle which embodies Israel’s long wait for its Savior- the Messiah or Christ. The second week begins with the lighting of the second candle- the PEACE candle. For when Christ enters our hearts, Christ’s peace takes hold of our lives. The third week of Advent opens with the lighting of the third candle- the candle of JOY. Joy does not diminish. It never wavers, but it is the quiet constant light which glows inside of each believer for it does not depend on the outside forces of life. It depends on the faithful God who gave us the light. The final week of Advent begins with the final candle on the ring which represents LOVE- God’s love for us. In the center of the wreath stands the tall, stately white candle which is called the Christ candle. When the Christ candle is lit, the wait is over, and we celebrate Christ’s birth. It is Christmas Day, beginning the 12 Days of Christmas.

HOPE’s devotionals continue through the 12 Days of Christmas culminating on January 6. On January 6, the Epiphany, many in the Christian world mark the day when the Wise Men worshipped the Christ Child so long ago. We hope that you will join us as we explore the different aspects of God’s guiding Hand as we journey throughout this Christmas season.

My Lighthouse Rend Collective

In my wrestling and in my doubts
In my failures You won't walk out
Your great love will lead me through
You are the peace in my troubled sea,
You are the peace in my troubled sea

In the silence, You won't let go
In the questions, Your truth will hold
Your great love will lead me through
You are the peace in my troubled sea,
You are the peace in my troubled sea

I won't fear what tomorrow brings
With each morning I'll rise and sing
My God's love will lead me through
You are the peace in my troubled sea,
You are the peace in my troubled sea,

My Lighthouse, my lighthouse
Shining in the darkness, I will follow You.
My Lighthouse, my lighthouse
I will trust the promise,
You will carry me safe to shore.

Safe to shore
Safe to shore
Safe to shore

Please join us this Advent season as we explore God, our Light.

2019 December / 2020 January

1December 1 Hope Hebrews 11 1 View
2December 2 Genesis 49 10 View
3December 3 Psalm 2 7 View
4December 4 Isaiah 7 14 View
5December 5 Isaiah 7 14 View
6December 6 Jeremiah 29 11 View
7December 7 Micah 5 2 View
8December 8 Peace Joshua 1 9 View
9December 9 Psalm 55 22 View
10December 10 Psalm 147 3 View
11December 11 Isaiah 26 3 View
12December 12 Philippians 4 6 7 View
13December 13 Colossians 3 15 View
14December 14 Hebrews 12 14 View
15December 15 Joy Nehemiah 8 10 View
16December 16 Esther 8 17 View
17December 17 Proverbs 15 23 View
18December 18 Isaiah 12 6 View
19December 19 Isaiah 35 10 View
20December 20 John 16 22 View
21December 21 Hebrews 12 2 View
22December 22 Love Matthew 1 18 25 View
23December 23 Luke 2 1 7 View
24December 24 Christ Candle Luke 2 1 16 View
25December 25 One Solitary Life View
26December 26 Luke 2 17 20 View
27December 27 John 3 16 17 View
28December 28 Proverbs 3 3 4 View
29December 29 Ephesians 4 2 View
30December 30 1 John 4 19 View
31December 31 1 John 4 7 View
1January 1 Matthew 2 1 2 View
2January 2 Matthew 2 3 6 View
3January 3 Matthew 2 7 9 View
4January 4 Matthew 2 10 12 View
5January 5 Matthew 2  13 15 View
6January 6 Matthew 2 16 18 View