Lenten Thoughts

Today marks the day when many people begin their Lenten journey. (Lent is the 40-day period prior to Easter, or the day set aside to celebrate Christ's resurrection.) It is a time of preparation and reflection. For some, Lent is a time of self-denial. At HOPE, Lent is a busy time. The Science Fair concludes; the Third Quarter of the school year ends, and the Fourth Quarter begins. We take our achievement tests, and we have our biggest fundraiser for the year. Most of all, we take time to honor God, who has done mighty and great things for us. We honor God, who died on the cross that all of us might live eternally with Him in heaven. Each day throughout the Lenten season, we lay our reflections on the written page. On Sundays, we use art to express our reflections; on Wednesdays, we use music to express those reflections, but, usually, we use words and art to convey what a particular Scripture means to us. This Lenten period we are exploring what it means to be God's child- to have faith. I hope that you will join us this Lenten-tide as we share our faith with you both here on Facebook and on our website www.christianacademy-ourhope.org.

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